Hot End


Wastegate/Active Exhaust


Mixers and Emissions Control


Cold End



Exhaust After-Treatement

At ACS, we have supplied after-treatment exhaust system components to automotive OEMs and Tier I Suppliers since our first knitted wire mesh support systems came to market in 1975.

Our exhaust component products have established themselves in both on and off highway applications throughout the world. Furthermore, our After-Treatment Exhaust System Mounting Components are compliant with tightening global emissions requirements.

Hot End Exhaust Seals & Gaskets

From our gas-tight, patented V-Seal technology to engineered axial support ring, ACS’s compressed Knitted Wire Mesh elements can be tailored to meet specific gas leakage and mounting pressure requirements.

Wastegate & Active Exhaust Bushings

Knitted mesh can also be combined with graphite & mica for bushing solutions, effective to facilitate rotation and lubricity in turbocharger wastegates and active exhaust systems.

Mixers & Emission Control

Our mesh mixer responds to global emissions requirements by diffusing the flow of injected urea to reduce tailpipe emissions.

Cold End Seals & Gaskets

Our compressed, knitted wire mesh elements are inserted between pipes to provide cushion from shock and vibration, as well as to absorb any thermal expansion differences.

Muffler Insulation

The next step in muffler packing technology, our High-Performance Muffler Sleeves combine all the acoustic properties of steel wool with the strength and durability of mesh.